1 Pound Bag

1 Pound Bag

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100% Unprocessed, Artisanal Cane Sugar that is Unrefined and Certified USDA Organic.

A Product of Colombia with one single ingredient: organic, dehydrated sugar cane juice.

A More Nutritional Natural Sweetener that is non-centrifugal.

Leading Mineral Natural Sweetener in Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, & Zinc.

Great with coffee, espresso, teas, chai, guarapo, cookies, scones, breads, granola, and chocolate.

Just Panela sugar is a non-centrifugal sugar. Unrefined and unprocessed allows Just Panela sugar to retain its nutrients.

White, brown, and turbinado cane sugars are all industrialized sugars that are thought to actually leach nutrients where Just Panela sugar provides nutrition.

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  • Terroir ter´wa, French terwar:It retains the characteristics, taste, and flavor, imparted by the soil and climate from where it came.

  • Most Nutritious of All Sweeteners:Provides a good deal of trace minerals and of some that are particularly hard to acquire in diet but are important like Manganese.

  • Easily Dissolves:In either Cold or Hot liquids it dissolves completely and multiple times faster than granulated sugars. No more shot of pure sugar at the bottom of every cup.

  • Sustainable:Once the cane is juiced, the stalk serves as the fuel that fires the hand laddled kettle system resulting in 100% sustainability

  • Subtler:It enhances the sweetness in the food or beverage it is going into rather than turning that food or beverage a ‘sugarized’ form of its original self.

  • Better for your Health & Energy:Everyone knows, processing & refining is bad. As a more complex carb, Panela is probably the best for diabetics and athletes alike as a more complex carbohydrate.