55 LB Not-Certified Organic ($1.72/ lb)

55 LB Not-Certified Organic ($1.72/ lb)


This presentation is an alternative for small and big business, but for a better price since it is not certified as organic, BUT IT IS ORGANIC!

Panela is unrefined non-centrifugal brown sugar is a natural sweetener obtained from the evaporation and concentration of sugarcane juice, it is the most natural form of sugar there is due because of the process of obtaininig Panela.

It all starts when the juice of the cane is extracted by compression in mills, which are then filtered, purified and clarified. Afterwards, the juices are concentrated by evaporation in a series of metal containers, heat exchangers or pans.

The determination of the consistency depends on the heating time and the point at which the process can be completed depends on the knowledge and experience of the operators. The concentrated material is transferred to a shake container, and the Panela is molded and packed as a final product.

There is not added chemicals during the production process and this is why all the Panela can be quite different depending on its origin.

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