“We laid out the birds on some Just Panela all natural cane sugar to get it as close to the best sugar on the planet as possible”

- Todd Gillespie - CEO & Owner

Rum production

“I'm fascinated by it and think Panela is the way of the future for sugar! At least for rum production!”

– Blake Ragghianti, Founder, CEO, Head Distiller

Top Shelf Chocolate Sauces for Drinks, Desserts, and other Emergencies

Panela has a rich terrior (earthy flavor) from the vitamins and minerals that remain because of minimal processing.
All those Vs&Ms help you digest panela more slowly than processed cane sugars, meaning it has a lower glyemic index.

Calories yeah, they're definitely there. But what's the point of eating if you're not giving your body anything to work with? We're talking about dessert. Moderation is key to healthy eating. OhFuudge is rich, a little bit goes a long way.

We want the Chocolate in OhFuudge to do most of the talking, but the panela and craft libations we add inject flavor details to round out the story and make it more satisfying.
Not too sweet, just right amount to mellow the inherent bitterness of cocoa and help let the flavors sing.

We love Panela and the fact that they are passionate about ethical and sustainable practices along with good flavor.
We're thrilled to partner with them to make our treats.

~Kelli, creator/everything officer


"We use Panela sugar in our kitchen often! It tastes great and it’s an easy substitute for refined white and brown sugar. We like that it’s finer than other whole cane sugar products we’ve used, so it dissolves into our baked goods and beverages better."

- Lauren Hansen - Store Supervisor


"We have seen a huge difference in our products since we converted. It's visual and taste both which is pretty amazing. I was reppin it today to star chefs about how it's the only sugar we use in house for curing and brining!"

- Nate Singer, Head Butcher, Black Belly

Coffee Shops

"Owning Portland's oldest coffee house, we always look for the cutting edge. We gave Panela a 30-day trial placing it beside white processed sugar and "Sugar in the Raw". At the end of three weeks, processed sugar usage dropped to less than 25% of previous months. We had a week of no Panela (did not anticipate the demand!). Customer feedback was overwhelming. We brought it back, dropping our "raw" sugar from our offerings, seeing white processed sugar usage drop to almost nil (knocking out two cost items from inventory). Saving money, enhancing our great coffee, servicing our customers (not mentioning the health benefits!). Panela .... One reason we will remain Portland's oldest coffee house."

- Rand Klemp, Owner, AnnaBannana's Portland, Oregon


"Our draft latte combines three of our favorite things, Trickling Springs Creamery Milk, and Just Panela Sugar." - Swing's Coffee Roasters


" I took my espresso machine home and put your Panela Cane sugar in my cappuccino. It was great!!!!

More flavor, not as sweet as sugar, a real treat! My book keeper Diane also said the same thing. You have a winner!" - Jan Weigel, Owner FreshCup Magazine