How to make Colombian Pinneaple chicha!


How to make Colombian Pinneaple chicha!

This is my own recipe, this how I learned how to make it from my family!

Some people have asked me how to make this recipe since it is a very colombian thing and I learned this recipre from my mom! (thanks mom for teaching me how to make my own alcoholic beverage, haha)

Pineapple chicha is a very refreshing Colombian drink, easy to make and is a way to recycle as it is prepared with pineapple peel, it can be made fresh or fermented. I like it a lot with that taste of alcohol so I let it ferment for several days!

Ingredients (for 2 liters)

  • 1 large pineapple we use only the shell

  • 1 cup of Just Panela ®

  • Whole cinnamon

You will also need a glass jar, if you can use a clay pot will be sooo much better!


Put the pineapple peel (you can add pieces of pinneaple too if you want more flavor) in a glass or clay container, add a liter of water and a cup of Just Panela® and the cinnamon stick, cover with a cloth tightly and leave to ferment for 3 to 5 days for the first 3 days in a cool place then to the fridge. Depending in how fermented you want it, you can leave it more days. If you are using a glass jar make sure the you put it in a dark place.

After the 5 days, drain the mixture and pour the drink into a bottle, and cover well, this is the beginning of the second stage of the fermentation.

Keep the drink in the closet or dark place you choose for another two days.

After this, remove the bottle from the cabinet and the beverage will be ready for consumption.

Store the chicha in the refrigerator in a closed container.

Note: I make it with a variety of pinneable called “gold honey pineapple”, it is smalled and sweeter, but if you can not find it, use any organic pinneapple.