5lb bag – $2.99/ lb

5lb bag – $2.99/ lb


Most sugars and sweeteners endure rigorous methods of processing, removing any remaining nutrients. Those processes give sugar a bad rap. But imagine if there was an all-natural sweetener that wasn’t refined, and still retained many of its nutrients. Well, such a thing exist, and it’s been around for years. Its name? Just Panela.

With Just Panela, refinement and crystallizing – a multi-step manufacturing procedure that flushes out the vitamins and minerals found in the sugarcane plant – are eliminated. Panela is a non-centrifugal sugar. Basically, due to its lack of processing, it retains much higher quantities of nutrients including magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese and potassium.

Panela enhances the sweetness in foods or beverages as an ingredient rather than turning them into a “sugarized” form of their original versions. As a more complex carbohydrate, Panela is a good choice for diabetics and athletes. Use Panela in coffee, tea, barbecue sauces, cookies, and other favorite dishes or baked goods.

White, brown, and turbinado cane sugars are all industrialized sugars that are thought to actually leach nutrients where Panela sugar provides nutrition.


Once the cane is juiced, the stalk serves as the fuel that fires the hand-ladled kettle system, resulting in 100% sustainability

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