The boss - El jefe.

The boss - El jefe.

Scott unkefer - ceo / founder

I had just moved to Medellin, Colombia in 2011. I would, about every morning, go to my local “Juan Valdez” brand coffee shop and notice these single serves of “Panela” ‘endulzante’. Spanish for ‘sweetener’.

I wrote it off as just another artificial sweetener but my curiosity got the best of me. I asked the barista “What is this Panela stuff?”. They replied “It’s sugar!”. Alright I’ll give it a try. I opened a sachet of this fluffy golden powder.

It wasn’t a crystal or hard like a rock like refined or turbinado sugars. I put it in my cappuccino and that was the famed “ Aha! ” moment. It made for the best cappuccino I had ever had.

Robbie thomas Just panela.jpeg

Robbie thomas / c o - founder

A graduate of Occidental College, Robbie landed in Medellín, Colombia in 2014 to work as an English teacher at a trade school run buy the Colombian government. It wasn't long before he fell in love with the city and started looking for opportunities that would allow him to stay working in Colombia.

When he met Scott through a mutual friend and heard Scott's vision for bringing panela to market in the USA, he was immediately sold on the idea and jumped in to help with the supply chain. Robbie enjoys solving complex logistical issues, exploring remote areas in Colombia, and bringing value to the American diet through commercialization of "better for you" foods.


Trish Keatings - BLOGGER / WRITTER

Trish Keatings began her freelancing career in the years following her graduation from a Master of Arts program at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. While she owes much of her technical skill as a writer to her multifaceted academic career, her expertise in the health and wellness niche is the result of both lived experience and endless hours of in-depth training and research. Particularly interested in bringing the gifts of other cultures and continents to Western audiences, her enthusiasm for panela is the result of a belief in the need for balance in all areas of life – dietary and otherwise.

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