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The technical denomination used by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is NON-CENTRIFUGAL SUGAR: defined as a solid product obtained from sugar cane through traditional methods without centrifugation, that is, it is essentially evaporated cane juice. I has been consumed traditionally all over the world where it is known by different names, the most common are Jaggery in South Asia, Panela in Latin America and Muscovado in Philippines.


Let´s see each of them:

Region: Asia

India, Pakistan: Jaggery, Gur

Thailand: Namtan Tanode

Japan: Kokuto, Black Sugar (Kuro Sato)

Philippines: Moscavado, Panocha, Panutsa

Sri Lanka: Hakuru, Vellam

Malaysia: Gula Melaka

Indonesia: Gula Java, Gula Merah

Laos: Nam oy

Region: Oceania

Australia: Uluru Dust (colloquialism)

Region: Latin America

Mexico: Piloncillo

Guatemala: Panela, Rapadura

Costa Rica, Nicaragua: Tapa dulce, Dulce

Panama: Panela, Raspadura

Colombia, Ecuador: Panela

Chile: Chancaca

Guyana: Demerara

Venezuela: Papelón, Panela

Peru, Bolivia: Chancaca

Brazil: Rapadura

Argentina: Azúcar integral, azúcar panela

Region: Africa

Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa: Jaggery

Swahili speaking countries: Sukari Njumru

Mauritius: Demerara

Region: North America

USA / Canada: Raw sugar, Evaporated cane juice

Region: Europe

UK: Unrefined muscovado

France: Cassonade

Germany: Vollrohrzucker

Another way of naming NCS is unrefined (raw, crude, complete) cane sugar, as centrifugation is used to separate sucrose crystals from the many other components of sugar cane juice. Molasses (for rum production mostly) are related to NCS, as they are the non-sugar fraction of cane juice, obtained in the refining steps of white (pure sucrose) sugar production. The precursor products of NCS are sugarcane juice, its prime material, and syrups, intermediate products in its dehydration process. Source:

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